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Try before you buy for 14 days.

We are proud to offer a try before you buy 14 day trial on our Stealth Grit Board, to help you get a real feeling for our amazing board, in the flesh, before you commit to buying for real!  

To qualify, you need to order yourself a demo board via the demo button below. You will receive a brand new, unused board, therefore you will pay the full Grit Board price to access our Demo Programme. 

Once you've received your new Grit Board you have 14 days of fun, trying out your new board before you make your decision whether you'd like to keep it (or return it).  

Demo Board Terms and Conditions 

The Grit boards Demo Board must be returned within 14-days of shipment

Grit Boards will provide you with a prepaid return shipping label to ship the
board back to us in its original box and condition if you decide not to keep it.

Your original form of payment will be refunded upon receipt the Board, less a £30.00 restocking fee to cover the cost of return shipping and handling.

If you have any questions in the process please contact us at for assistance.

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