Our boards have been designed to be reliable and low maintenance, but in the
unlikely event that your board does develop an issue, we are here to help. Please
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What should I do on my first ride?

Before using your Grit Board for the first time, please read this user manual included in your box for safe and enjoyable use.

We recommend all rider should wear safety gear. i.e. helmet, knee, elbow pads and suitable footwear.

First make sure board and remote are fully charged. Start by practicing in an open area like a carpark and find a smooth level location without traffic or people. Keep a wide stance on the board and slowly move control stick forward while leaning slightly forward while the board accelerates. To slow down or stop slowly move control stick back to engage braking whilst leaning slightly back.

Please note: The faster you push the control stick the faster the board will accelerate and brake. Adapt your riding style to match your skill levels, and the local conditions. Be aware and considerate of others around you.

Remember, people and animals aren’t used to skateboards going fast and may step, jump out or drive right in front of you.

Once you’ve mastered riding in open areas, you can try graduating to the streets and only ride the board in places where it is safe and legal to do so.

What range should I expect?

The quoted range will depend on a number of factors including the rider’s weight and riding style, the terrain (uneven or steep hills), outside temperature.

Can I ride my board when it’s wet or raining?

Yes, your board is splash resistant to IP44, however you should avoid large or deep puddles. Care must be taken when riding in the wet!

Is it legal in my country to ride my Grit Board?

Prior to purchasing your Grit Board, we recommend that you research your local regulations and country-specific laws. Ultimately, you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Is there a finance option?

Yes, just select Klarna at the checkout and pay over 3 months interest free!

Can I change or update my order?

Yes, please contact for help.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Your order is usually shipped the next day but please allow 2 to 3 days in busy periods.

What is your refund policy?

Please visit our refund policy page.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if your order hasn’t yet shipped. If you cancel your order after it has shipped there will be a small charge for returning your order. See our refund policy (Link) Please contact

How often should I check my board?

We recommend that you check your board before and after every ride.

How often should I maintain my board?

How often you maintain your board does come down to how much you use it. The more you ride the more often you should check it. Be sure to check all screws are correctly tightened especially the screws that hold the wheels to the hub motors and the trucks to the deck. Please be careful not to over tighten any screws.

Can I wash my board?

Before cleaning, disconnect the board from the mains and close the charging port cover. Do not use thinners or solvents as they could damage the surface.

Regularly clean your board from dust and dirt initially using a soft brush and then a damp cloth and dry cloth to finish. Always check all screws, nuts, bolts, etc. throughout the board are secure (especially the trucks and wheel nuts), as you are responsible for this.

Rotate all the wheels checking that they run freely and are smooth and quiet. Lubricate bearings if necessarily (but not the hub motors).

Please note:
Do not immerse or use running/pressurized water to clean the board as this could result in damage to the internal electrics!

What if I break something can I get spares?

Most items like the hand remote, grip tape, wheels and bearings can be purchased from us for you to replace yourself. All other non-serviceable parts like motors, controller, battery pack, must be sent back to us for repair or replacement. We will not send out these parts. We can of course repair or replace any purchased parts for a small charge.

My Remote does not sync with my Grit Board?

Please see user guide included in your box for instructions on how to re-sync your remote.

Can’t find the answer to my question?

Please contact support for any other troubleshooting or technical issues at

Can I take my board on a plane abroad?

The device must have a watt-hour rating of less than or equal to 100Wh. If the battery exceeds 100Wh it will not be permitted on a commercial flight.

The best way to transport your board is to remove the battery pack and place it in your hand luggage and check the skateboard alone as luggage.

However, the above is only a guide, so we suggest you call the airline prior to any travel.

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